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Vision: Leverage latest web technologies to establish direct support relationships–Battle Buddies–between Americans and each of the hundreds of deployed units and the estimated 40,000 returned healing warriors here at home.

Who, When: Troops Need You was founded in early 2007

What: 501c3 charity that enables Americans to directly support US Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen

How: Use tax-deductible donations to purchase and deliver the mission-essential supplies they say they need

Where: War Front: Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere; Home Front: healing warriors here at home

Why: a) Historical Context: Throughout American history–from Revolutionary militias to World War II bond drives–citizens have risen up to meet the greatest national challenges.   Today, Troops Need You enables Americans to carry on that unique American tradition.

b) Spiritual Foundation: Love Thy Neighbor is a central Christian calling, from the Old Testament days of Leviticus to the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ.  Troops Need You brings together American citizens and warriors as loving neighbors who mutually protect, support and sacrifice for one another.

The Founder: Troops Need You was founded in 2007 by Lieutenant Colonel Eric Egland, a reservist and career intelligence officer, who listened to the needs of hundreds of troops while serving in Iraq as a counter-terrorism advisor.  He previously served in counter-terrorism operations in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Egland published a call for a new approach in Iraq in mid-2006 and then launched Troops Need You, which he continues to lead as volunteer president.

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